While I’ve been modifying a plenty of Ansible roles, I’ve wondered if I can make development process easier and transparent for me and my colleagues. This is how I came up with idea to set up a testing process via Molecule for our monorepo.

What is Molecule?

Molecule is a testing framework for Ansible roles. You can test one specific role, multiple roles, or even built a testing scenario to test the whole playbook.

If we run molecule init, we will get a structure as shown below:

└── default
├── INSTALL.rst
├── converge.yml
├── molecule.yml
└── tests
└── test_role.py

The molecule folder…

Using helmfile for deploying applications to several Kubernetes clusters, I found several features that could be useful for setting up a bit difficult deployment scheme but without adding additional logic to the deployment process.

Missing file handler

The feature allows you to skip missing files that you specified under release configuration in helmfile, so you can easily manage releases for a huge count of environments and don’t worry about where you override default configuration or not. Let’s look closer:

Sample of helmfile directories organization

Use it, if it’s enough for having only default values to be able to configure nginx-ingress for a lab…

Everyday using VSCode I found a few useful plugins and tricks which make your work more effective and enjoyable.

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

It’s a super cool and nice plugin, which allows you to underline everything, even an indentation line between two brackets! Let’s look at how it works.


This plugin is especially useful when you have a huge YAML file with a lot of indentations. It will colorize each level in a certain color, so you can easily navigate through it.

Maria Kotlyarevskaya

DevOps engineer at Wrike

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